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"The purpose of life,

is to live a life of purpose."

- Guru Maa Savitri

Sat Nam

My Story

About Guru Maa Savitri Devi – Founder


Born and raised in Bali, I am the first KRI Professional Teacher Trainer of Indonesian origin, and Level 3 Kundalini Yoga Teacher (expected in 2022). As a Yoga & Meditation teacher, my major specializations are Scravelli-inspired Hatha Yoga and KRI Kundalini Yoga, along with additional training in Addiction Recovery, Cancer Prevention, Children Yoga and Prenatal Yoga. My classes are student-centred, safe and holistic, suitable for beginners and seasoned practitioners ready to deepen their practice. I weave the physical and philosophical aspects of Yoga, with daily spiritual practice, making this ancient wisdom accessible for today’s lifestyle.

I have been practicing Kundalini Yoga since 1999, teaching since 2009, and teaching at KRI Certified Level One Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training programs since 2011 in Toronto, with Sat Dharam Kaur ND; since 2016 in Bali, with Dr. Haridass Kaur Khalsa PhD; with KRI Immersion in Bali & in New Mexico in 2018 in Bali again in 2019; as well as with Kundalini Yoga Asia in 2020-21; and the South-East Asia & Australia 2021-22 (both are “hybrid”, on-site & on-line programs.

Also an interdisciplinary teacher with 35 years of teaching experiences, I have taught in the public education system in Indonesia — At Commerce Polytechnic University in Bandung & STIA Tanjung Pinang; and at Holistic Health Practitioner program of Seneca College’s Continuing Education in Toronto, Canada. Previously, I was School Administrator at Vocational ESL School, with a consortium of the US Save the Children Federation & The Experiment in International Living. Prior to that, I was with the Resettlement Division of the UNHCR Field Office at Pulau Galang Refugee Camp.

Other than being an educator, I am a Yoga & Wellness retreat leader, certified as a Holistic Health practitioner, Life Coach, Breathwork & Ice Bath facilitator, Labour & Postpartum doula, and Reiki Master Teacher. I am passionate about inspiring others to make life-affirming choices, and inspiring them to find their own gateways to wholeness (Sat Nam).


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

WhatsApp: +62 821-4647-8030

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